Tequila Tour Package – $125.00 2023-02-22T23:03:36+00:00

TEQUILA TASTINGS TOUR $125.00 – USD per person

$125.00 USD tour includes two Tequila tastings, Gourmet tacos, a trip to Ensenada and some time at Papas & Beer. Tastings includes one stop at North Americas largest Tequila Store and one stop in Ensenada. All of this for only $99 per person.

Depart Rosarito at 1 p.m. and returns at at 5pm. First stop is gourmet seafood tacos second stop is the first tequila tasting taste six Tequila’s in three Mescals and then it’s off to Ensenada to enjoy some cold beer and some tequila in the tequila van on the road to Ensenada. Arrive in Ensenada and enjoy five more Tequilas plus three Mescals and then it’s off to Papas and Beer for you will spend some time enjoying the scene at Papas and Beer.

1. Two Tequila tastings (taste from 5 to 8 Tequilas and Mescals per location)
2. A Taco Lunch feast on some of the best Tacos in Baja Seafood or Meat.
3. One Brewery visit, enjoy a flight of 6 beers.